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I write (mostly) about the books I read.

I aim to be the de factobook guy” on Medium.

Everything I have written is catalogued, sorted by latest and accessible here. This is a live article that I update with my latest posts, so you won’t miss a thing.


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Race isn’t real.

There is no consensus among scientists, biologists and anthropologists that race exists. Or how many there are. Or how to differentiate between them. Racial categories that we use are arbitrary. Moulded by social and cultural constructs.

Race, at best, is a spectrum: think analogue (continuous range of…

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From harrowing descriptions of chainsaw mastectomies to advances in laser-gunning cancer, Bill Bryson’s sprawling, acerbic masterpiece is unputdownable. Bryson’s informative treatise takes us on a head-to-toe examination of every nook and cranny of the human body. Fact-filled, slapstick, poetic, heartbreaking.

Jampacked with information, this is a forensic study of the…

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Central banks will continue to counterfeit money. Your savings will continue to be debased.

All “profit” numbers will go up but there won’t be any real growth. Your stock portfolio will compound but your purchasing power will diminish. You will sweat through your tedious job but your fiat paycheck will…

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Here’s a thought experiment. Let’s say your total savings were $1. And you lived in a world where the entire monetary supply was $100. You own 1% of the entire monetary supply. Awesome. A year later, the printers go brrrrr and there is now $200 in the world. …

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Bitcoin has won.

There has never been a more secure, scarce, valuable, transportable, decentralized and networked asset in all of humanity’s history.

It’s more mobile than gold. It appreciates faster than property. It’s supply is fixed unlike stocks and bonds. It’s payment network is faster and cheaper than Visa’s.


Akarsh Nalawade

Talkative. Easy-goer. Globetrotter. Quixotic. Polemic. Mind-changer. Tea Drinker. Nerd. I write (mostly) about the books I read.

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