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I aim to be the de factobook guy” on Medium.

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Championing Diversity & Equality

“Your English Is Excellent”

Race Isn’t Real, Racism Is

Men Are The Default, Women Are The Exception

Unity In Diversity?

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Finicky Finance

The Inevitable 3D Future

Cash Is Trash

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Race isn’t real.

There is no consensus among scientists, biologists and anthropologists that race exists. Or how many there are. Or how to differentiate between them. Racial categories that we use are arbitrary. Moulded by social and cultural constructs.

Race, at best, is a spectrum: think analogue (continuous range of values) and not digital (discrete, defined values). Race is forced to map onto human variation. It’s two millimetres of dead skin. There is no gene or variant of any gene, that has been found to exist in every one of one “race” and not of the other. There is no…

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“When researchers in one study attempted to prompt participants to see a gender-neutral animal as female by using female pronouns, children, patents and carers still overwhelmingly referred to the animal as ‘he’. The study found that an animal must be ‘super-feminine’ before even close to half of the participants will refer to it as she rather than he.”

Caroline Criado Perez, Invisible Women

Immaculately researched, lucidly written and passionately argued. Perez’s data-driven expose of the seen and unseen inequalities that plague our 21st-century world is unputdownable. …

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From harrowing descriptions of chainsaw mastectomies to advances in laser-gunning cancer, Bill Bryson’s sprawling, acerbic masterpiece is unputdownable. Bryson’s informative treatise takes us on a head-to-toe examination of every nook and cranny of the human body. Fact-filled, slapstick, poetic, heartbreaking.

Jampacked with information, this is a forensic study of the history, and present, of our uniquely human condition. It fired up my synapses, turned me into a medical acolyte and left me with a whirlwind of thoughts that I articulate below.


We have a metre of DNA packed into every cell. We have trillions of cells. Stretching out all the…

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If you ask them, why are you not using that latrine? They would tell you, ‘Are you sure I should put shit in that structure…that is even better than my house?’Kar realised that open defecation was not a hardware problem, it was a behavioural problem.

Chip & Dan Heath, The Power Of Moments

The argument put forth in the Heaths’ bestseller is simple: our lives are shaped by a few “defining” moments. A few seconds make (or break) us. Our problems are mostly behavioural. Fleeting moments have profound, long-lasting impacts. Manufacturing such moments propels us to greater intellectual and…

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Central banks will continue to counterfeit money. Your savings will continue to be debased.

All “profit” numbers will go up but there won’t be any real growth. Your stock portfolio will compound but your purchasing power will diminish. You will sweat through your tedious job but your fiat paycheck will hold no value. The world will continue to relentlessly pursue growth. We’ll inflate our way to oblivion.

Your life, time, money and energy will continue to be debased.

Governments will launch Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) — even more big data for Big Brother to sniff through. …

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Here’s a thought experiment. Let’s say your total savings were $1. And you lived in a world where the entire monetary supply was $100. You own 1% of the entire monetary supply. Awesome. A year later, the printers go brrrrr and there is now $200 in the world. Your savings have halved.

What happens to your purchasing power?

Any cash you have is losing its value by roughly 2% every month. Which means, a year from now, your cash savings are worth 24% less. And 24% more a year from that. And so on.

Since there is no fixed supply…

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Bitcoin has won.

There has never been a more secure, scarce, valuable, transportable, decentralized and networked asset in all of humanity’s history.

It’s more mobile than gold. It appreciates faster than property. It’s supply is fixed unlike stocks and bonds. It’s payment network is faster and cheaper than Visa’s.

It’s user base is growing faster than the Internet’s was in the 90's. It’s market cap is a shade over a trillion dollars. It has an enormous potential upside. It’s already too big to fail.

And yet, sceptics keep repeating the same old FUD. Here’s where I’ll break it down.

Bitcoin Is A Railway Network In Cyberspace


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I am sitting on two job offers today.

Both offer more money, more responsibility and more opprtunities for growth. I’ve no idea which one to go for (if only I could do both!) but this is a wonderful problem to have.

Success isn’t a job offer though. Nor is it all the wealth in the world. Or the best health. Or the best family. It’s all of them and none of them. It’s a totally relative, subjective, asymptotic ideal that all of us pursue.

Whatever your definition of success, IMO you are primed to achieve your best life if you…

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I am lucky enough to have my own house with a spare room.

Space, like time, is monetizable. I could rent it out for instance. But that would mean sharing my space with someone else. Having lived in shared accommodation most of my life, it wasn’t something I ever intended to do again. I want my space. But I want to monetize it too.

How do I do that?

Crypto Mining.

Here’s a caveat before you go any further: IMO,the only crypto-asset that is truly valuable, decentralized, lossless, future-proof, hack-proof, a store of value and has a 100x potential is…*drumroll*…Bitcoin.

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