Brilliant article, Jeffrey.

No punches pulled, actionable, visceral, feisty, perceptive, heartbreaking and utterly readable! Kudos! Your writing is so lucid, almost poetic!

As an Indian residing in Ireland for the last decade, I totally empathise with your frustrations & fear.

My tuppence based on Angela Saini's excellent "Superior": Race isn't real. I thought racists were thugs and skinheads. Turns out, they are also erudite academicians operating covertly, smitten by their own perceived superiority and doing their utmost to keep racism in science alive. I thought it was driven by ignorance. Turns out, it’s deliberate, pernicious, biased and incendiary.

I reckon it makes a perfect science-backed companion article to your brilliant writing - so would really appreciate your feedback!

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