Brilliant article, Leah.

No punches pulled, actionable, visceral, feisty, perceptive, heartbreaking and utterly readable! Kudos! Your writing is so lucid, almost poetic!

As an Indian residing in Ireland for the last decade, I totally empathise with your frustrations & fear.

My tuppence based on Angela Saini's excellent "Superior": Race isn't real. There is no scientific consensus that it exists. Or how many there are. Or how to classify them. Racial categories we use are arbitrary. Moulded by social and cultural constructs. I genuinely think this book is the only origin story of our species we need.

I reckon it makes a perfect science-backed companion article to your brilliant writing - so would really appreciate your feedback!

Also, I've written an article titled "You Don't Know What You Don't Know" based on learnings from Matthew Syed's "Rebel Ideas" which focuses on the question of how we form groups with people who look, talk and think like us.

I think it's the perfect companion piece for your wonderful writing because a culture of diversity is vital to ensure optimal growth. Diversity is viewed as a politically correct, moral and social cause that comes at the cost of performance. This is a false equivalence. It is the fundamental fabric of our existence, innovation, business, motivation and politics. And not purely demographic diversity but cognitive diersity, should be the driving force.

Do let me know what you think as I'd appreciate your feedback!

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