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  • Daniella Cressman

    Daniella Cressman

    Content Creator. Offering insights on psychology, society, and entertainment. https://daniellacressman.squarespace.com/

  • Todd Kronenberg

    Todd Kronenberg

    Top Writer in Investing, Bitcoin, and Finance. American nomad, retired/entrepretrying, coder, crypto investor, dog owner, burgeoning human.

  • Ave


    Travel, literature, bitcoin, etc.

  • alirezaac


    not all who wanders are lost

  • Ivan S Kirkpatrick

    Ivan S Kirkpatrick

    Engineer and veteran, 13 years of Design Engineering, 20+ years in Software Engineering, Go enthusiast. I read a lot, write some too, ivank2139@tessaract.net

  • Tamires Criscio

    Tamires Criscio

    I am a brazilian full-time writer living in London.

  • Katie Lipp

    Katie Lipp

    Katie's law practice focuses on employment separations in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Katie also runs Law Practice Queen, advocating for female lawyers.

  • Jack Mallers

    Jack Mallers


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