Outstanding article, Meg!

Profound , ambitious, actionable - big fan of your work. Your research and writing seems so personal and effecting and really brings out the angst that am sure many women feel.

As outlined in Caroline Perez's excellent "Inisible Women", women do 75% of the global unpaid work, are 17% more likely to die in a car-crash, are not included in research on diseases and take 2 times longer to visit the loo. It's unquestionably a man's world. Jobs, medicines, automobiles, room temperatures or anything else you can think of is built, designed and optimised for men. Because seeing humans as men is the default.

I'd appreciate your feedback on my article as I think it's a perfect data-drien companion piece to your wonderful writing, do let me know what you think!

I hae bookmarked your article as I will be referring to it regularly, there so much info to take in!


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