Outstanding writing, Markham! Eloquently explained! Thanks for this excellent primer - bookmarking this for future referral. If a healthy microbiome is found to be directly related to immunity from the virus, diet and lfiestyle will get a further hype injection!

My reverence of our part-fragile, mostly-resilient human body is mostly due to recently reading Bill Bryson's unputdownable "The Body". Some takeaways from it: 50% of us will have cancer at some point. Race is 2mm of the epidermis. We are born 100% human; we die 98% alien. We used to die of malnutrition but we now die of overindulgence and lifestyle.

I'd be delighted if you'd read my article of tangential thoughts - I think it makes a perfect science-backed companion piece to your wonderful writing! I'd appreciate your feedback!


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